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Over 20 years of Microsoft technology stack consulting. Deep skillsets in SharePoint migrations, customizations, and governances. More recently, innovative solutions in Microsoft Office 365 technology stack (Modern SharePoint, Teams, Power Apps, Power Automate, and training)

MPACK 5 is group of technology professionals with a severe passion for technology and helping others. We love the tech, we love see it propel clients to that next level. 

The playing field is now leveled with Microsoft Office 365. 

Prior to M365, the most frustrating thing with any client engagement would be to discover that though they have the technology needed installed in their datacenters, the tech lacked the sufficient environment specifications (capacity, RAM, CPU power) needed to fully enable it.

With Microsoft Office 365, this is no longer a concern. We now can ensure, based on your level of M365 licensing, that you will have the technology capabilities (and have it fully enabled and functional) to solve your business needs. 

Now, we are less concerned with the configuration gaps/capacity, and can fully engage your team, and implement solutions that will have tremendous impact on your organization. 

You bring the process, we will bring the tech, and together, lets innovate. 

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